Straight out of Tampa Bay: The Bang Shack's World Famous Bang Dip! Break that bang out and you will turn any party around. Made with love and some pretty nifty ingredients everyone loves Jay's Bang Dip. Give it a try and your taste buds will be blown away!
Jason Hadley is an entrepreneur and owner of The Bang Shack at The Yellow Green Farmers Market in Hollywood, Fl. He is from St. Petersburg, Fl. Jason is a product of interracial parents during a time where being of mixed heritage was not accepted in the south side of St. Petersburg, Fl. Jason always had a passion for cooking, and from a young age would cook for his 4 siblings. His family was impoverished so there was not much to choose causing him to get very creative in the kitchen. At age 10 he started selling newspapers and candy bars door to door, and immediately realized that he had a passion for sales. He also mowed lawns around the neighborhood for money to help out his mom who was a single mom holding down two jobs to try to provide for this family of 5. At age 15 Jason was given the news that he was going to be a father. He was working at the local car wash at the time, and from this point forward there was a shift in his drive. He now knew that he had to provide for his son and this added another level to his drive to succeed. As a young adult, Jason worked in sales and was very successful. Whether selling cars, furniture, mortgages, houses or internet optimization, Jason raised the bar for excellence wherever he went. In 2002, he was invited to a networking event and had to bring a dish. This is when The Chicken Bang Dip was first discovered. It was an instant hit and inspired Jason to go back to his first passion of cooking. In late 2016, as he and his wife were visiting a large local farmers market, she suggested that he start selling his dip there. They opened THE BANG SHACK in January of 2017 with just 2 crockpots and the original chicken bang dip. They have grown since then and now have 3 versions of The “World Famous Chicken Bang Dip”, a vegetarian version of this amazing dip (with zucchini instead of chicken), and even have a vegan version made from scratch out of cashews.
Here at The Bang Shack we pride ourselves in the experience. Whether you're looking to pick up a quick bite, sit down for a meal, take advantage of our amazing happy hour specials, enjoy our game night or catch your favorite fight on tv, we have you covered. It's not just great customer service. It's not just scrumptious food. It's a culmination of everything that creates the unique experience. Come be a part of our Bang Shack family. See you soon.
A taste above the rest. Whether you eat meat, you're vegetarian or vegan, we have you covered at The Bang Shack. We have a little something for everyone. Our World Famous Chicken Bang Dip consists of all white breast meat chicken, mild cheddar cheese, spinach and some top secret ingredients that will leave you salivating for more. The vegetarian version is just like the chicken version, except we use zucchini instead of chicken. The vegan version has a cheese made from cashews. Our dips are keto friendly and gluten free.

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