Being from a large, single parent household, I learned to cook for us at a very young age. After reaching adulthood, I loved to experiment with spices and unusual combinations. I found that I was good at determining what combinations would work well together. In 2002 I started playing with different recipes and combinations to improve the Buffalo Chicken Dip. After several attempts and roughly two years later I got the perfect combination and said BANG! It was an instant success at home cookouts and family get togethers. I used to call it Chicken Bang Bang, but later shortened the name to Chicken Bang Dip.

Over the years, and with the input of my beautiful wife, we came up with several variations of my original recipe. As a result, we decided this was not to be kept in the family as it was too delicious not to share.

We opened our first kiosk at the Yellow Green Farmers Market in January of 2017 with two crock pots and one variety of this Bang Dip. One year later we find ourselves with two kiosks, twelve crock pots, three variations of the Chicken Bang Dip, and Vegetarian Bang Dip, a Vegan Bang Dip and a customer base that visits us on the weekends or places orders during the week. My wife and I are so excited that everyone loves this creation and the multitude of uses for it.

P.S. In the vegan version, my wife makes a cashew cheese from scratch, and it has a very high approval rating amongst my vegan customers.